Area Firefighters Battling 3-Alarm Barn Fire Between Mt. Angel and Silverton.

Firefighters from Drakes Crossing, Hubbard, Marion County, Molalla, Monitor, Mount Angel, Silverton, and Woodburn Fire Departments are on the scene of a large barn fire with structure collapse off Ettlin Road between Mount Angel and Silverton.  The blaze has spread to surrounding vegetation and trees.

Watch out for emergency vehicles in the area.

Continuing E-mail Outages Plaguing DirectLink Customers in North Willamette Valley. No Fix In Sight.

Ongoing unresolved e-mail system issues at DirectLink Internet service in Canby are frustrating customers of the company, which also serves Beavercreek, Gervais, Mount Angel and St. Paul.

The company’s email service has been suffering outages for at least 5 days with little progress made nor a firm time for a fix.

This afternoon, the company issued a tepid news release concerning the matter:

” Maintenance Update: 9:00 AM 7/7/2020
We have received word that the planned repairs from the early morning maintenance were not successful. The engineering team worked throughout the night and restoration efforts are still ongoing.
Unfortunately, the affected email server remains offline and inaccessible for those users whose email boxes were hosted on this system. While we are thankful the issue is centralized to a subset of DirectLink members, we fully understand that this is a frustrating time for anyone impacted by the situation and extend our deepest apologies for this inconvenience.
We continue to explore every avenue to restore services as quickly as possible. More updates will be provided as additional information becomes available.”