2021 St. Paul Rodeo Tickets Go On Sale August 14th; Tickets Expected To Be In High Demand.

Ticket sales for the 2021 St. Paul Rodeo will begin August 14, 2020 at 8:00 AM. Next Year’s Rodeo will be run Wednesday, June 30th to Sunday, July 4th. Ticket sales are opening earlier than usual, and are expected to sell quickly due to high interest from rodeo fans. Fans can also purchase tickets for the VIP Deck at the Tack Room Saloon, voted one of the 10 best cowboy bars in the United States.

To purchase tickets and have a chance at the best seats, visit the St. Paul Rodeo website at stpaulrodeo.com.

Oregon School Activities Association Shifts Fall Season, Condenses All Seasons.

Press Release  from OSAA this afternoon.

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) shifted its traditional Fall sports season contests to begin in March under a new 2020-21 school activities calendar approved by the association’s Executive Board on Wednesday. The Board also voted to waive current out-of-season coaching policies to allow for student participation during the Fall (Season 1). Participation will be at the discretion of the local school district in those activities allowed per directives from the Governor’s Office, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE).

“Today’s decisions by the Executive Board provide a framework to maximize the potential opportunity for students in Oregon to participate in three seasons during the 2020-21 school year,” said Peter Weber, OSAA Executive Director. “The Board recognized that a one size fits all approach isn’t what’s best for students across the state. By waiving policy to allow regional participation this Fall, local school districts will have the discretion for participation in those areas that are able to do so safely per state directives.”

The Executive Board took this action following last week’s release of school reopening health metrics by the Governor’s Office and OHA. These metrics will result in nearly all OSAA member high schools starting in a Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) format this Fall which presents challenges for the resumption of school activities. Shifting the season calendar later in the school year provides additional time for more schools to return to a hybrid or on-site learning format while providing flexibility for local school districts to make decisions this Fall that are best for their school communities as health metrics and state guidance in this area continues to develop.

The OSAA’s new calendar provides for three distinct seasons from late December to late June with limited overlap between seasons. Traditional Winter activities will take place in January and February (Season 2), followed by Fall activities in March and April (Season 3), with Spring activities occurring in May and June (Season 4). Each season will feature an equitable 7-week regular season, with adjusted contest limitations, followed by an OSAA Culminating Week. Specific plans for culminating week events will be developed in conjunction with member schools in the coming months in alignment with large group gathering guidelines issued by the state.

The OSAA Association Year will officially begin on August 31 in Season 1 where policies restricting out-of-season coaching have been removed. This allows member school students and coaches, at the discretion of the local school district, to participate in any OSAA-sanctioned activity permitted by directives from the Governor’s Office, OHA and ODE. This participation may include conditioning, practices and interscholastic competitions in those permitted activities provided schools adhere to OSAA policies.

The OSAA will continue to work with the Governor’s Office, OHA, and ODE, along with our Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) to provide information to member schools. Guidance from these entities continues to evolve, along with the pandemic itself, and will impact future OSAA decisions regarding the 2020-21 school year.

Visit http://www.osaa.org/coronavirus for the latest OSAA information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recreational Hunting And Fishing Closed To Non-Residents April 10.

Press Release from the Oregon Division of Fish and Wildlife:

April 9, 2020

SALEM, Ore.— ODFW is closing recreational hunting, fishing, crabbing and clamming to non-residents due to concerns about travel to Oregon to participate in these outdoor activities. Such travel could spread the virus and put more of a burden on Oregon’s rural communities.

As of Friday 11:59 p.m., non-residents may no longer participate in these activities in Oregon. The restriction extends until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and it is deemed safe to travel into Oregon. This order does not apply to anyone living in Oregon for less than six months who has not yet established residency.

Some states, including Washington, have closed hunting and fishing to limit the spread of the virus. While seasons remain open in Oregon (except for Columbia River salmon/steelhead fishing), resident hunters and anglers should not be travelling to participate. ODFW is hearing concerns from rural communities about people visiting to hunt and fish and placing additional burdens on these communities’ limited resources.

“Rural communities are concerned about the potential impact of COVID-19 on medical and emergency services, search and rescue and their citizens. Some have asked us to close seasons to reduce travel,” said ODFW Director Curt Melcher. “We would like to keep seasons open to give locals an outlet during this difficult time, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to travel to these communities. Stick close to home and fish at your local lake, pond or river and do not go crabbing or clamming unless you live on the coast, and then only to places where access is still open.”

ODFW monitoring has shown that while Oregonians are still participating in fisheries, clamming, shed hunting, and wildlife viewing it is in significantly lower numbers and that the majority of participants are doing it close to home and practicing social distancing. “We appreciate that many Oregonians are taking the Stay Home, Save Lives order seriously,” added Melcher.

ODFW field staff monitoring participation in the field have seen out of state license plates and out of state angling and shellfish licenses in use. Staff are also fielding numerous calls from non-residents inquiring about plans to come to Oregon to hunt or fish.

“ODFW believes this action restricting non-residents will help local communities enforce the restrictions on out-of-state travelers violating the order, and putting local resources and residents at risk,” said Melcher. “We appreciate everyone’s understanding at this difficult time and look forward to seeing you outdoors again in the future when this passes.”

ODFW anticipates there will be opportunity for non-residents who have already purchased a 2020 license to participate in hunting, fishing or shellfish opportunities later in the year. ODFW will refund non-resident spring bear and spring turkey tags and reinstate preference points for spring bear hunters. Please contact Licensing at odfw.websales@state.or.us, (503) 947-6101 to arrange for a refund.

Non-residents interested in applying for a fall controlled hunt may still apply online at  https://odfw.huntfishoregon.com/login and the deadline to apply remains May 15, 2020.

Oregon residents who do choose to hunt, fish, crab or clam are reminded to:

  • Stay close to home rather than travelling far. The Governor’s Executive Order says hunting and fishing are OK, but to limit travel.
  • Practice social distancing and stay six feet away from anyone who doesn’t live in your immediate household, including when outdoors.
  • Check access where you are headed as the area may be closed. State Parks are closed, counties have closed some parks and boat ramps, beach access is closed in some areas and national forests and BLM lands have closed recreation sites.
  • Stay home if you are sick.

Carry needed supplies with you to minimize non-essential stops—including buying your license/tag online instead of making a trip to a license sale agent if possible and bringing all needed food, water and sanitization supplies with you.


Media Contact: Michelle Dennehy, (503) 931-2748, Michelle.N.Dennehy@state.or.us
Licensing Contact: (for refund or questions on licensing): 503 947 6101

February 16 – 17 is Free Fishing Weekend in Oregon.

President’s Day weekend is the first Free Fishing Day weekend of 2019. On these days, no license is needed to fish, crab, or clam in Oregon, and they are scheduled throughout the year. Locally, a popular place to fish (and child friendly), is the St. Louis Ponds.  For more information on the program, visit the Oregon Division of Fish and Wildlife website.

Dufur Wins 1a Football Championship Over St. Paul, 38 to 32.

Dufur captured the Oregon 2018 1a Football Championship at the game played in Hillsboro today.  St. Paul led with rushing yards over Dufur (155 to 133), but Dufur’s passing game helped them win the contest, 322 passing yards to St. Paul’s 93.

Complete game information is available from the Oregon State Athletic Association’s website.

And They’re Off To The State Championship!

About 45 people gathered in front of the High School in St. Paul a foggy morning today to show their support as the Buckaroos headed out to Hillsboro for the State 1a Championship game against Dufer.  The game will be played at Hillsboro stadium and begins at noon.  A convoy of supporters followed the team bus, and no matter the outcome, fans are planning an after game BBQ at the game site.




St. Paul Residents Will Be Turning Out When The Bucks Leave For The State Championship

Saturday morning, November 24th, the St. Paul Buckaroos football team will head to Hillsboro to play Dufur for the Oregon State 1a High School Championship, and the community plans to give them a send off.  The public is invited to bring signs, pom-poms, and noisemakers to cheer for team as they leave St. Paul High School at about 8:00AM.  If you’d like to attend, plan to gather in front of the school at about 7:30AM.

St. Paul HS Senior Organizes Alumni Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

Justin Herberger, a Senior at St. Paul High School, is organizing an alumni basketball tournament for his Senior project. The event to be held at the High School on December 22, 2018, is a fundraiser to benefit the Grasso family.  The cost to enter the tournament is $20. Early entry deadline is December 7th; late entry deadline is December 14th.  Justin can be reached for more information at Justin.Herberger(at)stu.Stpaul.k12.or.us

Columbia River Orienteering To Hold It’s “Ho-Ho-Ho Warm Clothing Drive” in Wilsonville on December 1.

The Columbia River Orienteering Club will hold it’s Ho-Ho-Ho Warm Clothing Drive at Memorial Park in Wilsonville on December 1, 2018, from 10:30AM to 3:00PM. It’s a family friendly event that helps provide warm clothing to the less fortunate, and learn about orienteering, which is the competitive sport of land navigation.

The event is open to everyone, and admission is free with a donation of warm clothing. For more information, visit the CROC website.

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